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ALLISON PONTHIER Stuns With New Single ‘Harshest Critic’

Allison Ponthier embraces her own insecurities in the cathartic new single Harshest Critic.

Allison Ponthier

Laying bare her inner thoughts and feelings, 25-year-old Allison Ponthier offers up yet another emotive cut in the form of Harshest Critic. Underscored with real heart, the track finds the Texas native turned New York transplant navigating fame and exploring the relationship between performer and audience. Gliding over a bed of gentle guitars and tender percussive trails, Ponthier’s heartfelt vocals take centre stage as she opens up about her anxieties in the introspective and confessional way. With the emotional fluidity and unfiltered honesty to her music, Allison Ponthier is one of the most exciting new artists to keep an eye on.

Speaking on the new single, Allison Ponthier shares:

I wrote ‘Harshest Critic’ around the time when labels were knocking on my door, and I kept wondering what it would feel like when other people were judging me and my work. It ended up being a song about how, when you’re an artist, everything feels like life or death. But in reality, it’s your happiness and who you are as a person that really matter. You might as well enjoy the ride, because no one’s ever going to be as hard on you as you are.