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LIA PAPPAS-KEMPS Shares New Single ‘Sad In Toronto’

Bedroom-pop riser Lia Pappas-Kemps opens up about her mental health in her stunning new single Sad In Toronto.

Lia Pappas-Kemps 2021

Canadian newcomer Lia Pappas-Kemps is the bright new talent on the indie/bedroom-pop scene. Having previously landed a role in popular CBC/Netflix series ‘Anne With An E’, Lia is now embarking on a path of musical wonders as she releases her new single Sad In Toronto.

With the all-consuming feeling of loneliness and anxiety brewing in the darkness, Sad In Toronto is an unfiltered and introspective piece of music. Lia’s velvety vocals gracefully float atop a bed of blissful acoustic guitars and gentle percussion, enveloping around you softly before bursting into a pop glory for the last chorus. Bathed in a melancholy glow, Sad In Toronto offers a glimpse into Lia’s world as she embraces her emotional vulnerability and wild creativity in this outpouring of the heart.

The song arrives with a music video shot in and around Toronto, and marks her first release with artist-led independent label Tinpot Records.

Speaking on the new single, Lia shares:

I put a lot of weight on certain things ending or starting and how that’s going to change my life, then I’ll be happy, but man, being depressed doesn’t change.