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RUBEN DAWNSON Shares Infectious New Single ‘Safely’

This captivating track takes us on a mesmeric journey through a coming-of-age mind which explores love and the risk of potential loneliness.

Ruben Dawnson

Photo: Chai Saedi

From the cold Norwegian countryside, Ruben Dawnson is a young singer-songwriter and producer and bedroom pop has quickly become his forte. His newest release Safely is a powerhouse of a single, with its groovy sonics, enchanting backing vocal harmonies and Ruben’s effortless lead vocals.

Refusing to shy away from expressing vulnerability in his lyricism, Ruben authentically sings “just wake up for me, ‘cos I’m so lonely, it’s obvious that I need you baby to keep me safely” in the chorus.

After releasing his debut EP, Ruben signed with the Norwegian independent label GEMS, under which he will release his second, self-written and self-produced EP Sunshower. His latest alt-pop song Safely is the second single from this EP and, if this charming track is anything to go by, Ruben’s sophomore EP will surely be worth waiting for.

Ruben continues to push himself and his sound further, with the remarkable feat of performing, writing and producing every track independently. These commendable skills, along with his raw lyrical honesty, provide him with a failproof toolkit to continue acquiring loyal listeners and achieving success in the music world.