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BREEZER Thrill With New Single ‘Alive’

Living up to the track name, the newest track from Breezer is sure to make you feel Alive.


Hastings outfit Breezer are here to make a splash with their debut single, Alive. Packed with thrumming riffs and driving guitars, its high energy is irresistible and get you moving along and jamming out to it. Building to a soaring chorus, built of high guitars that sear through the layers and compelling vocals, the track is an electrifying ride from start to finish that will have you clinging onto every last note.

Speaking more about the track, the band shares:

It matters how the words matter to other people. As soon as you start telling people what it’s about, the people lose their personal connection to the lyrics. Isn’t the point of any good song how the lyrics feel to the listener?