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CURTIS WALSH Unveils New Single ‘Picture Perfect’

Curtis Walsh explores a more vibrant aspect to his sound with his glimmering new single, Picture Perfect.

Curtis Walsh 2021

Having grown up in the suburbs of Dublin, music was a comfort and always accompanied Curtis Walsh but he truly came into his own and grew as an artist over the space of last year. While the lockdown forced many artists to halt various aspects of their craft, it did create a space for Curtis to reflect on his own creative identity and re-focus his vision on the artist he wants to be. Trading in personal anecdotes for more existential musings, it sees a maturity in his songwriting but the core of it remains fundamentally the same, with an irresistible boyish charm and a curious approach to the sounds around.

His newest single Picture Perfect displays a more sanguine avenue to his sound, as he infuses the track with iridescent synths and spirited rhythms that will revive your energy. Bringing his signature vocals, a velvety tone that eases with effortlessness, it’s the Curtis we’ve known from before but burning with a new ember that’s clear for all to see.

Speaking more on the new track, Curtis shares:

I remember the first summer in lockdown when everyone was unsure about how long it would be until we were able to leave and travel again. I had plans with my mates to go away on a holiday but it all came to a halt along with the rest of the world. Then I was just sitting in my bedroom one day and the sun was beaming through my window while I just had to stay put. It was extremely frustrating, a frustration that I’m sure most of the world felt at one point or other during this time. So I sat down and made a track about how all this lockdown has made me want to do is go out on holiday and just enjoy my life for as long as I can, and with the people I care about around me! I wrote this song with an optimistic outlook and summery vibe.