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OLDERBROTHER Share Debut Single ‘In My Head’

New York-based duo olderbrother tackle the feeling of anxiety in their latest alt-rock heavy-hitter, In My Head.


olderbrother is the latest project from Jamie McArdle and Grant Gulla. Powered by their creative and audio engineering talents, the sound they create is an anthemic and expansive representation of their decade-long collaboration.

The duo’s debut single In My Head is a smooth blend of new wave nostalgia and modern indie-pop subtleties with an alt-rock edge. Touching upon themes of mental health struggles, self-doubt and self-worth, it’s a forlornly personal yet achingly relatable journey that offers a much-need comfort and deep introspection. The juxtaposition of melancholic undertones against driving rhythms and uplifting instrumentals entrances the mind completely. With a tinge of psych-pop and jazzy flavours to the sound, In My Head shines with the richness of musical texture, leaving the most lasting impression as sulky beats dance along warm tones.

Speaking on the new single, the band shares:

The lyrics speak to the feeling of anxiety, the constant stress of being and doing, and the endless pressure to live up to high expectations, usually set by yourself.