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RACHAEL JENKINS Unveils Heartrending Single ‘Allergy Season’

With raw vocals and a confessional songwriting, Rachael Jenkins touches on your more tender side with Allergy Season.

Rachael Jenkins 2021

It’s widely accepted that acoustic guitars and heartfelt vocals create an almost fail-safe formula for making you reach for the tissues, as emotions are pored over strummed strings and permeate through the speakers into the most sheltered parts of your core. Rachael Jenkins‘ latest track, Allergy Season, is no exception to this rule, and as her sensitive vocals cocoon around you, you’ll feel yourself soften to let your feelings well up in a moment of vulnerability.

The Utah-born songstress brings an enchanting sound that connects you with your most intimate parts, as stirring strings and chirping birdsong blend mellifluously to create a delicate sound. A tranquil atmosphere hangs gently, unperturbed by Rachael’s exposed voice that builds a bridge from her heart to yours. As the track gradually swells and crescendoes, so too will the tentativeness that you experience, until the track gradually fades from the speakers but not from your memory.

Explaining more about the track, Rachael shares:

I wrote ‘Allergy Season’ to describe how someone from your past can creep up on you without warning. You can be free from a situation for months or years, and something as simple as a specific season or the smell of the air can force you back in time. If I’m not careful, I become engulfed by memories and begin grasping at straws that will ultimately lead me nowhere.