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ANNA SHOEMAKER Releases Hooking New Single ‘Sick!’

Exploring the inner conflicting feelings at the end of a relationship, when you still miss someone that you don’t want to, Anna Shoemaker gets candid on her latest release Sick!

Anna Shoemaker

It’s a feeling that we’ve all heard about, if not personally experienced, when you reach the end of a relationship and you’re having an internal conflict. On one hand, you’re wanting to be done and over it, but on another hand, there’s just an internal part of you that resists this and remains wistful. It’s a struggle that Anna Shoemaker vocalises in her latest release, Sick!, and you’ll feel all of the different feelings pushing and pulling as she experiences and jots them down in a diaristic style of songwriting.

Through a hazy, synth-based accompaniment that lures you into comfort and security, her unfiltered emotions cut through as she confesses, ‘I could get my shit together but I just don’t want to, is it sick I like missing you?’. Combining indie sensibilities and driving the track with a pop-beat momentum, Sick! sounds like something you could listen to at all hours with its easygoing melody and magnetic vocals.

Explaining more about the inspiration behind the track, Anna shares:

‘Sick!’ is about missing that adrenaline rush a toxic relationship brings you and how it can be mistaken for missing the person.