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RIVER Stun With New Single ‘Brother’

With a gentle rouse, Brother is the stirring new release from River.


Hamburg duo River show that they’ve nailed the formula for writing hooking tracks, as they share yet another encapsulating single with their latest release Brother. Creating a mesmerising mixture with dazed-out guitars and gripping vocals, the track soars with passion as it plunges into the narrative of a close friendship growing distant. It’s a track that’s filled with wistfulness and yearning, as unspoken thoughts and feelings fill the increasing gap between two people and leaves the tone on a doting note.

Opening with throbbing electronics, the track builds throughout and layers on a visceral charge that will set your nerve-endings alight. Particularly as the chorus comes round, the combination of soaring vocals and an almost-despairing cry will hammer home the weight of the track. With the accompaniment hinting at the intensity of the underlying feelings, lyricist Aljoscha Christenhuß explains the painful story which grounds the track inspiration:

We shared everything and did a lot of things for the first time together. He came from a difficult background and the older we got, the more alcohol and drugs were involved. It slowly broke him. Not being able to help and at the same time not being able to look away, tore me apart.