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LIMÓN LIMÓN Share New Single ‘Honey Blossom’

Limón Limón alleviate the winter blues with their delightful new single Honey Blossom.

Limon Limon

Composed of Jason (vocals, guitar, bass) and Rand (keys, synths, drums), LA-based Limón Limón offer an exquisite brew of genres with their latest single, Honey Blossom. Pairing R&B rhythms with bossa nova-esque innovative techniques and an indie edge, the duo crafts a sound that truly entrances the mind. Tinged by the early-morning sun, the song brings an abundance of instrumentals, including flute, Cuica (the Brazilian “monkey drum”) and bongos. On Honey Blossom, Limón Limón paint the air with light acoustic brushes and gentle percussive trails, creating a melody that falls sweetly and softly on the ear.

Speaking on the new single, the duo shares:

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and all of the flowers in your garden are in full bloom.  ‘Honey Blossom’ is that relaxing weekend morning your ears have been searching for.