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Broadside 2020

BROADSIDE Share Video for New Single ‘Heavenly’

Broadside’s new song Heavenly gives love an uplifting and long-overdue pop punk soundtrack. What a better way to brighten up your day than with a happy song in the Broadside‘s signature pop punk sound? Backed by a candid video alternating ‘past’ with present, lively with ethereal

Bury Tomorrow Cannibal 2020

Album Review // BURY TOMORROW ‘Cannibal’

Anthemic, cathartic and rebellious, metal heavyweights Bury Tomorrow take a very personal approach to their new album Cannibal, as they take a deep dive into vocalist Dani Winter-Bates’ struggles with mental health to remind us we’re not alone in our journey. Following pre-released tunes such


BLACKPINK Release New Single ‘How You Like That’

With intoxicating rhythm, catchy chorus and stunning visuals, K-pop industry leaders BLACKPINK take over the music world once again. Returning to the spotlight, BLACKPINK challenge us all to lift our heads and aspire to victory with an inciting and inspirational tune backed by mesmerizing high

Grey Daze Amends 2020

Album Review // GREY DAZE ‘Amends’

If we were to explain this album in 3 words, they would be ‘tragic, ‘vulnerable’ and above all… ‘evocative’. Time has come for Chester Bennington’s young self to be revealed to the world in its most true and authentic form. After the icon’s untimely and

Glass Ocean 2020

GLASS OCEAN Unveil Video for New Single ‘Voyage’

Glass Ocean return with a haunting taster of what their new album is all about.  Glass Ocean‘s latest progressive showpiece, Voyage, debuts a haunting CGI music video for an equally poignant song. Duelling on the individual’s neverending and restless search for the proverbial treasure, the

Palaye Royale The Bastards album 2020

Album Review // PALAYE ROYALE ‘The Bastards’

Raw, mad, brutal, honest and vulnerable is a strange cocktail of words but very accurate in describing Palaye Royale’s rollercoaster of an album, The Bastards. There couldn’t be a smoother way of preparing the listeners and introducing them to the madness to be released in

The Hara 2020

THE HARA Release New Single ‘Circus’

Dramatically and elegantly, THE HARA condense the story of the currently upside down world in their newest enchanting tune Circus. With a movie-worthy, glamorous guitar solo intro, THE HARA kick off their latest tune and throw us in a whirlwind of poetically worded revelations on


NCT 127 Release New Single ‘Punch’

NCT 127 flaunt their will to fight their way to the top in their new tune with a befitting title: Punch. Preceded by a retro game inspired intro and lightning engulfed visuals, NCT 127 return in fighting formation and armoured with leather jackets and chains,