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Stray Local 2021

STRAY LOCAL Release New Single ‘Shiver’

Shiver is the bright new single from indie duo Stray Local. Based in North Carolina, husband-and-wife duo Stray Local produce music that’s an amalgamation of indie rock, folk, and pop songs; their sound is created with impressive vocal melodies, catchy guitar riffs and rich harmonies.


KELLI-LEIGH Shares New Single ‘Be Alright’

Prepare to shed a tear listening to Kelli-Leigh’s emotional new ballad, Be Alright. Released on New Year’s Eve, London’s Kelli-Leigh led us into 2021 with the positive vibes we all needed after the year we’d had, with her new track Be Alright. The track stems

Pale Waves 2020

PALE WAVES Release New Single ‘She’s My Religion’

A hearty LGBT love song, Pale Waves ignore the cliches through their new track, She’s My Religion. Pale Waves comprise of frontwoman Heather Baron-Gracie (she/her), guitarist Hugo Silvani (he/him), bassist Charlie Wood (he/him), and Ciara Doran (they/them) is on drums. They released their debut album

Keir 2020

KEIR Unveils New Video for ‘Say Love’

Transforming inner turmoil into a tune, Keir both breaks and warms hearts with the new track Say Love. Bristol-based singer-songwriter Keir began his musical adventure back in 2016 but, filled with releases, 2020 has been his most productive year yet. The most recent is the