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FRANK MIGHTY’S HOTLINE Begs to Stay Put on New Single ‘Hold Me Down’

Creating a stunning hybrid between soulful R&B, magnetic alternative, and psychedelic rock, Hold Me Down is a brilliant new track from Frank Mighty’s Hotline.


With the release of his new single Hold Me Down, Canadian Frank Mighty’s Hotline is boldly defining his sound. Opening with jumpy guitars and a rich beat, John Traboulsi (the man behind Frank Mighty’s Hotline) introduces the wayward spirit he’s ready to escape from. Moody and soulful, he begs to the invisible second person, “hold me down”; he’s done with running and is ready to settle for a time. While effortlessly hitting the high notes, Traboulsi transitions seamlessly back to his smooth tenor where glimmers of raspy ruggedness further enhance his range. As the second single, Hold Me Down shows great promise for his upcoming EP.