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COLORAMA Shares Dreamy New Single ‘Reconciliation’

With laid-back beats and tropical vibes, Reconciliation is a visceral offering from Colorama that will transport you to a different realm.

Colorama 2020

Psychedelic indie-rockers Colorama are back with Reconciliation, their third and final single to be lifted from their newest album Chaos Wonderland which was released on July 31st. A journey into bittersweet reminiscence and nostalgic yearnings, be prepared to be swept away by delicately placed piano harmonies and background bongo beats that evoke a feeling of tropical beaches and sunny paradise. Soothing falsetto sail on top, gently brushing past your eardrums in a honeyed manner and inviting you to sink into the warming arms of the music. With an intoxicating bass line that loops around hypnotically, the track almost gets you drunk off its sweet and dulcet tones, and you’ll be hard-pressed to resist what the band has to offer.

Speaking more about the track, the band shares:

‘Reconciliation’ is a sweet soul song about separation and re-unification. An unintentional song for our times originally about being a musician away on tour a lot, missing family and looking forward to going home, but now it can apply to any number of situations in this (hopefully) post-covid world.