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I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME Announce Debut Album ‘Razzmatazz’

iDKHOW offer a throwback to yesteryear with new single Leave Me Alone.

iDKHOW 2020

American duo, I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME or iDKHOW, have divulged to fans the first single from their forthcoming debut album Razzmatazz, set for release on October 16th via Fearless Records.

Clocking in at nearly four minutes, Leave Me Alone combines the flirtiness of Bowie’s early 80s work with the infectious syncopation of 70s disco — creating a track as sinfully sweet as a multi-layered dessert. Built atop tangy guitar twangs, hypnotic synths, and Dallon Weekes zealous vocals, the song will leave listeners wanting to do the exact opposite as the title asks, enticing them to fall deeper into the nostalgia-ladened wormhole forged by iDKHOW.

As if possessed by the poltergeists of pop’s past, the duo have managed to weave each and every irresistible element of the genre not only into this song, but into themselves and their image. From the instantly catchy chorus, symphonic build, and subsequently computerized drop, to every shimmering or glimmering note in between — iDKHOW have built an ever-rising wall of sound within Leave Me Alone and it holds a new easter egg to be discovered with each listen.

While on its surface, the track is a sparkling example of the perfect upbeat pop-song, beneath lurks a somewhat grime storyline. Offering more, Weekes says: “when you’re in a toxic situation, the phrase ‘Leave Me Alone’ is the last civil thing you say before things get uncivil.”

If this song is any indication of what’s to come from Razzmatazz, this record will undoubtedly be the throwback to yesteryear you didn’t know you needed. Pre-orders are available now and Leave Me Alone is available to stream everywhere now.

iDKHOW Razzmatazz 2020