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MADELLINE Ushers in New Sound With ‘On A Different Wave!’

With her new single, On A Different Wave!, Madelline is throwing out conventional popstar norms in favour of her own unique sound.

Madelline 2020

Landing somewhere between Adele and Marina and the Diamonds, On A Different Wave! showcases Madelline’s stunning lower register over a strut-worthy beat. While there is a lot of sass in her vocals and attitude in the backing track, delicate music box synths soften the blow. You almost forget that Madelline is flipping off everyone who has tried to hold her back in the most millennial/gen Z way as she unabashedly sings, “I don’t fuck with your energy.”

Madelline opened up about On A Different Wave!, saying:

When I was younger, I worked with incredibly controlling and suffocating men in music who wanted to keep me low to hold power over me. They were trying to control my art and tell me what I could and couldn’t do with it. It took me a while to realize what was happening to me. They wanted to keep me feeling small to feed their egos. This song is about distancing and removing myself from their universe.

Don’t let people who belittle and undermine you convince you that you’re a lesser version of yourself. Cut them out and hone into the power of you, and all the beauty you have to offer this world.