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MICHAEL BARROW & THE TOURISTS Share New Single ‘6,023’

Michael Barrow & The Tourists muse over a lost love in their latest folk rock track 6,023

Michael Barrow & The Tourists

Blending rock-infused instrumentals with folk subtleties, Michael Barrow & The Tourists craft an emotionally-charged and gently swaying song. 6,023 is an ode to that special someone, glistening with heartfelt, wistful vocals and poignant lyrics that channel a yearning for the past as Michael Barrow revisits his memories. Tinged with acute nostalgia and raw intensity, 6,023 is the outpouring of the heart.

Speaking on the new single, Michael Barrow shares:

I wrote it at a time when all of my waking moments were consumed by replayed memories of having lost one of the most important relationships of my life. I thought if I wrote it all down, it would help me to move on. It kind of worked.