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BAD HEATHER Gets ‘Honest’ With New Single

Letting his inner thoughts filter to the forefront, Honest is the vulnerable new single from Bad Heather.

Bad Heather Honest

20-year-old Porter Chapman, crafting under the moniker of Bad Heather, shares yet another heartfelt track with Honest. The musician continues to develop his DIY ethic and sound, which has roots in his musical upbringing as he took on the drums at the tender age of 10, developed his songwriting and production skills at 17, and continues to scale new heights. His mastery over the various aspects of his music, from performing on nearly all of the instruments on his forthcoming debut EP to doing the production work, has given him a control and personal touch over his music which shines through in his unique sound.

His newest track Honest continues his infectious off-kilter sound, as electrifying guitars shock through the pounding beats of the track to deliver an infectious melody. Speaking about the lyrical inspiration behind the track, Porter shares:

‘Honest’ is about putting every part of yourself into a relationship with an insecure and dishonest person. It’s having hopeful vulnerability before the inevitable breakup. Having deep feelings for someone you don’t trust really fucking sucks. This might be the most emo track I’ve written. I wear my heart on my sleeve, it feels like an excerpt from a diary of a fucked relationship.