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PACIFIC Share Rousing New Single ‘Alibi’

Continuing to forge their path ahead with brazen tunes and a rousing energy, Pacific return with soaring new single Alibi.

Pacific 2021

Manchester four-piece Pacific have been making quite the impression with their anthemic songs so far, and their newest single Alibi is no exception to this trend. The piano-indie outfit have previously featured by the likes of Apple Music, BBC Radio 1, as well as on the pre-match stadium playlist for Manchester United, and their newest single will only add to this impressive list of accolades. With a larger-than-life sound that is capable of filling out arenas, Pacific are one to keep your eye on this year.

Alibi marks the second of six upcoming singles that the band are planning to release over the course of this year, and it is a striking continuation of the ambitious tone they have set for this year. A demanding piano introduction calls for your immediate attention, before an uplifting syncopated beat sets in and pumps adrenaline through your veins. The texture builds as guitars and basses edge in, before an explosive chorus takes over and drives the track to dazzling new heights. The lyrics touch upon the steps you would take to protect those you hold closest to you, and the sacrifices you would be willing to make in the process to send a compelling message of selflessness.