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LAZY QUEEN Share New Single ‘A Place (To Bury Strangers)’

With pounding riffs and a forceful energy, Lazy Queen share their compelling new track A Place (To Bury Strangers).

Lazy Queen

Nordic bubble punk outfit Lazy Queen have definitely been taking this year within their stride as they share their second single of this month with A Place (To Bury Strangers). The creative outpouring from the band has upped the anticipation around their forthcoming EP Get Home Or Die Trying, which is set for release on April 23rd. The EP is a collection of tracks that offer a glimpse into the band members’ life in all of its chaos and glory, looking at hazy nights that seem to blur into one and facing the uglier sides of our character square on. It embraces the regrets, messiness, and extreme emotions that define the human experience and transform it into emotive tracks with blistering energy.

A Place (To Bury Strangers) falls within this wider narrative as it narrates the experience of walking until your shoes are as worn out as your head, trying to organise our mental clutter to find a sense of purpose and a road forward. Expanding upon this, lead singer Henrik García Søberg shares:

It’s about cold sweats at A Place To Bury Strangers-show in Oslo. Winding down, winding out and trying to make sense of chaos. It’s also Lazy Queen’s official submission for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. Step aside Lordi.