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CATE TOMLINSON Releases Soothing New Track ‘Favorite Boy’

Inviting us into her world of complex emotions, Cate Tomlinson stuns with her authentic depiction of love in her exquisite new release, Favorite Boy

Cate Tomlinson 2021

20-year-old singer, songwriter, and performing artist Cate Tomlinson has perfectly captured the essence of being infatuated with another human in her latest song. With angelic vocals and gorgeous harmonies, Favorite Boy is the perfect accompaniment for some chilled, late night listening.

Cate’s effortless vocals, paired with her breath-taking ability to narrate a story through her lyrics, are very reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s transcendent musical abilities. Originally from San Francisco and now based in Boston, where she is working hard to develop her unique voice, Cate undoubtedly has a bright future ahead of her.

Cate speaks on the single:

‘Favorite Boy’ is about two people wanting to be together at the wrong time, but knowing it’s gonna happen at some point. It’s about tension, keeping secrets, and fighting the urge to be impulsive. I recorded and produced it in the closet of my Airbnb in Palm Springs, and it’s the first song I’ve put out that I have a production credit on!

If you are a fan of bedroom pop and stellar female songwriters, Favorite Boy will most likely become your new favourite song.