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AYELLE Shares Tender New Track ‘Options’

With a touch of heartbreak mixed with an irresistible melody, Options is the captivating return single from Ayelle.


Swedish-Iranian musician Ayelle has done a fair amount of gaining experience, having grown up in Sweden and Spain, before pursuing music in London and now relocating to New York. With such a varied upbringing, she’s able to bring her unique experiences and perspective to her music to write in a way that tackles universal issues through a fresh new lens. Her newest single indicates her readiness to embark on the next chapter of her musical life, as she gears up for the release of her debut EP which we get a first taste of with Options.

Ayelle delves into the honest feelings lying behind our reliance and usage of social media, saying that she “should get another TikTok, or maybe get a day job, or open up an Only Fans. I got options, so many options.”

I wrote ‘Options’ when I was at a real low point a few months back. I know I’m not alone in feeling numb from loss and lack of opportunities and excitement during this pandemic. Writing this song let me take a closer look at all the doubts and feelings I’ve tried not to look at and give them a space to exist.