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TEBI REX & ROE Release Refreshing New Track ‘Hanging With Trees’

Blending alternative and pop influences with their quintessential rap style, Tebi Rex continuously push the boundaries of genre in the creation of their unique sound.

Tebi Rex

Following on from their February single Oh It Hurts, Tebi Rex’s new release is the second single from their forthcoming sophomore album. Hanging With Trees is a long-planned collaboration between Irish hip-hop duo Tebi Rex and ROE, an indie artist and multi-instrumentalist from Derry.

The track is a sonically explosive and electrifying experience, with contrasts between heavenly harmonies, Tyler, The Creator-esque rap and comical lyricism such as “you’re in her DMs but I’m in her Discover Weekly, so we are not the same.”

Tebi Rex explain:

It’s a song about a talking tree who gives really good advice…she can be a bit blunt though.

Bursting with infectious energy, the free-spirited and eclectic track Hanging With Trees is an excellent embodiment of everything that modern music has to offer.