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FRANKI Charms With New Track ‘Redo’

With a tropical beat and laid-back beats, Redo is the breezy new anthem from Franki to brighten up your day.

Franki 2021

Dublin-based musician Franki made his first mark this year with single are u gonna, which saw him landing on various Spotify playlists and airplay on radio. He returns with his new single Redo, an upbeat and glittering track that will mellow you with its warm tones and relaxed rhythms. Blossoming upon groovy guitar lines and ambient electronic tones, he creates an encapsulating sound that is sure to send listeners into a dreamy trance and brighten up their day.

Speaking more about the single, Franki explains:

‘Redo’ came at a time when I was second-guessing myself a lot and questioning all of my decisions, wanting to go back and do them again. Especially when it came to relationships. I think people generally have an issue with absolving themselves of responsibility and I wanted to honestly reflect my own arrogance. I think doing that and being this honest with myself in my songwriting has been extremely valuable to me since then and that honesty in my songs is something I hold quite close.