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LOW GIRL Gets Tender in ‘Okay Someday’

Baring her thoughts for the world to hear, Okay Someday is the vulnerable new single from Low Girl.

Low Girl 2021

Low Girl has found music as a platform to express her experiences and thoughts, which is a coping mechanism that many of us relate to. Having struggled with OCD, music takes on even more significance as it allows her to make sense of her thoughts and seek a retreat, and this introspective thought-penning leads her to create a vulnerable and heart-baring sound that will reassure any listeners that they are not alone in going through their difficulties. Having built up a collection of tracks, she has released her new single Okay Someday, from her debut EP Big Now.

Speaking about the themes running through the EP, Low Girl explains:

The overwhelming presence of this disorder in my writing very much reflects my reality, except it feels like I get the final say in my songs. Sertraline takes back control of all the difficult intrusive thoughts and imagines a future where I am as unphased by the world as I was when I was a child. 

When it comes to the musical side of things, we treated each song as an individual. There is a uniqueness to each track on the EP that read like my diary entries, and as always, I hope people can connect to the songs and find comfort in the way that someone else feels the same.