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BYELIAN Shares Atmospheric New Single ‘Thud’

German musician byelian returns with his sophomore single in the form of Thud.


German producer and artist byelian is the newest name to keep on your radar, as he shares his sophomore single Thud. A driving but mellow track, Thud is a gentle torrent that will carry you through with its flickering beats and echoing electronics. Brooding with a dark undercurrent, there’s a hidden darkness within the track that creates an aura of mystery to draw listeners in. A myriad of tinkering textures brings dapples of light into the otherwise heavy-hearted accompaniment, lifting the overall feeling of the track into one of reminiscence and introspective reflection. Introverted lyricism conveys some of the more inner thoughts of byelian, allowing you a glimpse into his mental workings to offer you a guide and inspiration on how you can work through your own mental hurdles.

Sharing more about the track, byelian explains:

‘Thud’ is a cry for help – a call to reach out to one’s closest counterpart and believe with all one’s might in something different, something better. The daily increasingly dull pain blurs into a feeling of disorientation with the only desire to escape it once and for all.