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FENG SUAVE Charm With New Single ‘Tomb For Rockets’

Velvety vocals and charismatic baselines will sweep you away in Tomb For Rockets, the newest track from Feng Suave.

Feng Suave

Photo: Elsa Groener

Amsterdam-based duo Feng Suave are bringing their DIY spirit to new heights with their latest release Tomb For Rockets. Overseeing the musical production and music video, the band has allowed their ideas to infuse into every aspect of this new track, from the sonic to the visual. And boy, is it a glorious result that they have created. Bringing a delectable concoction of nostalgic melodies inspired by 70s soul, and modern elements of indie-pop, the track toes the line between various genres to find their own unexplored, mellifluous corner.

Expounding about the track, the band divulges:

For this release, we decided to record analogue to tape. This was a first for us and provided a nice change from our previous recording experiences which often involved overdubbing every instrument onto a digital grid, and this provided us an opportunity to capture a raw and dense sound. By avoiding the usual computerised workstation and focusing in and around analogue instruments, it changed a lot for us creatively and allowed us to focus more on capturing a genuine moment rather than recording a flawless take.

They add on about the writing process:

We spent a long time looking for the right structure in this tune and had a hard time coming up with something that felt laid back and breezy without sounding uninspired or too easy. The lyrics however came very naturally and when combined with the music they make something that feels quite close to a love song.