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ANDREAS OWENS Charms With New Single ‘not much (better than before)’

Bringing in tinkering electronics and dulcet falsetto, not much (better than before) is the musical sweetness to help you get through today.

andreas owens

Los Angeles-based musician andreas owens shares his smooth new single not much (better than before). Flecked with hints of R&B and indulging in luminous textures, it’s a sparkling pop track that brings a soothing touch to your day. With ruminating lyrics and wistful vocals, the track lingers with you and will bring an oasis of calm into your day. Tackling the subject of the constant change that we’re undergoing, it acknowledges our ability to become better versions of ourselves through the small, meaningful tweaks we make to our lives.

Speaking about the track, andreas owens shares:

This feels like one of the most special songs I’ve ever made to date because of how helplessly imperfect it is. Like, I can really hear a lot of the mistakes I made while making it, but somehow I couldn’t find it in me to try and fix everything, or even feign an attempt to make it perfect. Within its imperfections, it feels perfect to me.

‘not much (better than before)’ is the product of truly not knowing what to do with myself. I remember trying so desperately to come up with some new music and was losing my mind a little bit.