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CLAY NEWSOM Shares New Song ‘Deja Vu’

Deja Vu, the new single from Clay Newsom, narrates the struggle of a toxic relationship and shows a direction for the rising artist.


Rising pop singer/songwriter Clay Newsom has a gorgeous, refined sound that he’s finally ready to share with the world. After debuting in 2018, Clay took some time out to think about what he wants from his music and after three years away he thinks he’s had a “breakthrough with [his] sound.” Starting 2021 with a single for a film soundtrack, progressing to the R&B-esque Friday Afternoon, and now having just released the softer Deja Vu, Clay isn’t closing himself off to just one sound.

The new single is full of emotion, as Clay narrates the struggle of being in a toxic relationship, and not knowing how to escape. Heartfelt lyrics are backed by a beating R&B melody, and the accompanying music video really helps emphasise the story Clay is telling. A strong single, we look forward to seeing what avenue Clay Newsom goes down next.

On Deja Vu, Clay Newsom commented:

This song is about a misunderstood, toxic relationship. It is a repeated cycle of a guy who doesn’t know how to escape this girl as she comes and goes whenever she pleases. I wrote, produced, and recorded it independently.