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JIMMY SMASH Share Infectious New Track ‘Misguided’

Norwegian duo Jimmy Smash release their second EP, HOME.

Jimmy Smash

Photo: Safari Shaban

Comprising of Mikkel Graham Guttormsen and Håvard Lyngstad, Jimmy Smash return with their sophomore effort, HOME. The four-track EP is a follow-up to their 2020 Bloom EP.

Offering chill-pop thrills, the latest single, Misguided, is a sun-kissed sonic bliss. With a touch of melancholy sweetness to the sound, the track thrives on fluttering electronics, irresistible beats and lush vocals that coalesce into sky-chasing melodies. Drenched in summer nostalgia, Misguided effortlessly showcases the duo’s flair for creating feel-good vibes and dance floor-worthy anthems, elevating their songwriting to new heights.

Sharing more about the EP, the duo says:

For us personally, ‘HOME’ is a symbol of full creative freedom and that we have found our way back to the mindset we had in the beginning where we made music for our own ears.