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AMY GRACE Shares Infectious New Single ‘Be With You’

Amy Grace offers the thrill of infatuation with her latest pop bop Be With You.

Amy Grace 2021

London-based singer-songwriter Amy Grace returns with sparkling new single, Be With You. Drenched in summer sunlight, the new track is filled with radio-ready pop hooks and irresistible melodies that coalesce into a euphoric sonic marvel. Grace’s warm vocals dance atop the playful texture, speckled with fluttering synths and dance floor-worthy beats. Buzzing with passion and energy, Be With You is a tale of a young love that you won’t be able to get enough of.

Speaking on the new single, Amy Grace shares:

This song was about realising I was more interested in being with a person I’d fallen for than I was with nights out in town (back when those were a thing). It was a big deal for me because I’m inherently independent!