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ELLISON Unveils New Single ‘I Could Be Your Lover’

Bringing an ardent feeling into your musical sphere, I Could Be Your Lover is the pining new single from Ellison.


Sharing your debut track is never easy, as it’s the first chance you have to establish your sound as an artist and make your impression on the world, but Ellison has breezed through it with his single I Could Be Your Lover. Combining influences from the 80s, alongside sensuous saxophone tones and hooking grooves, it effortlessly brings you into the same pining and desiring sphere as Ellison, and you’ll feel it right in your heart every time he reminds you ‘I could be your lover’.

With its buoyant rhythms and cascading synths, it’s a track designed for dancing along to on a summer night, and exudes an extroversion that will make anyone want to let loose alongside. Lyrically, there’s a slightly darker tone taken as Ellison explores the feelings and effects of toxic masculinity, especially when it comes to romance, and it’s an enlightening listen that fuses thoughtful reflection with an irresistibly feel-good energy. Although only his debut single, there’s a distinctness to the sound which marks it out as one from Ellison instead of another New 80’s pop track, and it sets an exciting scene for what may lie ahead.