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HEMES Charms With New Single ‘Calm’

Sharing her anxieties and desires, Calm is the ardent new single from Hemes.

Hemes Calm 2021

British-Arabic musician Hemes grew up with a mix of cultures around her – receiving Arabic influences from her household and hearing Western music from her wider environment, she brings these formative experiences and influences into her own music to create a sound that reflects her self. Her latest track, Calm, traces her thoughts and yearnings for some serenity in moments of chaos and turbulence, which are situations that are becoming increasingly common amidst our technology-driven and busy lifestyles.

Presenting a contrast between the apparent tranquility of the melody and the more urgent lyricism, it’s a striking opposition that will make you sit up and engage with the track as you realise that all is not as it seems on the surface. Hemes’ vocals glide atop softened electronics and consoling keys, creating an oasis for you to trust and leave your feelings in. As the track climbs, its ability to move and empower will also grow, as you become increasingly enraptured and the heartfelt sharing of anxieties further links you to the music.

Explaining her inspirations behind the track, Hemes shares:

I wrote ‘Calm’ about the feeling of wanting inner peace, we all have times of chaos in our lives so I wanted to write an anthem that specifically addresses the longing for calm through the racing thoughts and overthinking that I felt. It was one of those songs that were unplanned, I always found it hard to talk about what I was feeling so I decided to write about it instead, and the feelings just poured out, I wrote it in my bedroom and then took it to the studio about a week later.