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Sam Johnson 2021

Artist Of The Week // SAM JOHNSON

British singer-songwriter Sam Johnson returns with a brand new EP, Are We There Yet?, and explores themes of growing up and the innocent times of childhood. London-based musician Sam Johnson reflects upon the tumultuous period of growing up, and reminisces upon the much simpler times

Normandie 2021

NORMANDIE Share Video for New Single ‘Babylon’

Having an identity crisis has never sounded as catchy as it does in Babylon, the latest single from Normandie. Swedish alt-rockers Normandie have been gearing up for the release of their third album, Dark & Beautiful Secrets, which is looking to be the trio’s most

Devan 2021

DEVAN Shares Earnest New Single ‘Night Drives’

Creating a yearning sense of freedom, Night Drives builds upon Devan’s unique sound to enrapture listeners. Toronto-born, London-raised musician Devan returns with her newest single Night Drives to further develop and shape her sound. Drawing upon her diverse influences, she brings together a variety of

Finn Blacklaws 2020

FINN BLACKLAWS Makes Debut With ‘Long Dinner’

Exploring unfulfilled dreams and goal pursuance, the feelings expressed by Finn Blacklaws in Long Dinner are sure to resonate with listeners. What do you wish to be doing with your life? If it’s something different from what you are currently doing, then you’re not alone