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TOLEDO Charm With New Single ‘FOMO’

Penned over lockdown, TOLEDO whimsically capture the strange experience of living in isolation. Brooklyn duo TOLEDO have brought their surf-rock twist to the quarantine life, as they indulge in a host of hazy guitars and ambient electronics in their newest single FOMO. Reflecting the lived

Matilda Mann 2020

Artist Of The Week // MATILDA MANN

Matilda uses her calming vocals to spin a tale of longing and missing in latest single As It Is. West London’s Matilda Mann offers a tentative taste of what to expect from her forthcoming EP with her tranquil new single As It Is. Strumming guitar

Oscar Welsh 2020

OSCAR WELSH Shares Dreamy New Single ‘Sixteen’

Reminisce on the nostalgia of youth with Oscar Welsh in his sweet new single Sixteen. Suffolk-based Oscar Welsh ushers in a dreamy summer of bedroom summer-pop with his newest single Sixteen. Complete with a creative and immersive video where Oscar delivers a captivating performance amidst

Boy Pablo hey girl 2020

BOY PABLO Shares Endearing Video for ‘hey girl’

Channelling humour, romance, and nostalgia all at once, Boy Pablo makes it impossible not to fall in love with his newest video for hey girl. Voice-overs, teenage rivalry, and riding off into the sunset with newfound crushes; the premise for Boy Pablo’s new video for

Hands Like Houses 2020

HANDS LIKE HOUSES Share Gripping New Single ‘Space’

Confronting inner feelings of claustrophobia and overwhelming expectations, Space is a cathartic cry that will strike right to your core. Australian rockers Hands Like Houses dig deep into the unpleasant feelings that have haunted them in recent times with newest single Space. Tackling head-on feelings

Milk. 2020

Band Of The Week // MILK.

The Dublin alt-poppers score a triumphant introduction with their debut EP 1, the EP. Hailing from Dublin, alt-pop quartet milk. may just be your newest summer obsession as they unveil their glittering debut EP 1, the EP. Joyfully youthful and buoyant in its exuberance, milk.