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Potty Mouth 2019

POTTY MOUTH Unveil New Video for ’22’

If you’re struggling to come to terms with being 22, Potty Mouth can share in your woes.  Punk rock trio Potty Mouth know all too well that being 22 isn’t all glamorous, as they share their newest video for 22. The track is the lead single

Fur 2019

FUR Share New Single ‘Him & Her’

A love song for you to sway around to? Yes please FUR. Brighton quartet FUR continue to steal your heart with their latest single Him & Her. The track is lifted off their upcoming self-titled debut EP, which will be released on February 14th via Nice Swan Records.

Adam French 2019

Artist Of The Week // ADAM FRENCH

Get ready to grow a soft spot for our artist of the week, Adam French. His tracks are sure to touch your heart with their rawness and bring a warmth that is much appreciated in this cold season. Singer-songwriter Adam French is sure to captivate you

Blaenavon 2019

BLAENAVON Return with New Single ‘Catatonic Skinbag’

Blaenavon share the surging first single off their upcoming sophomore album. The newest offering from Blaenavon is the first taste of what to expect from their sophomore album Everything That Makes You Happy. It’s still got everything you love about the band, from their witty lyricism to


YOUNG CULTURE Share Visuals for ’21 Days’

If you’re after some good pop-punk, then Young Culture are the band for you. Hailing from Albany, pop-punk quartet Young Culture manage to distil the very essence of pop-punk into their track 21 Days. Everything you think of when you hear the words ‘pop-punk’ makes a feature on the


BAD CHILD Shares Intense New Video for ‘Bad Child’

Not one to shy away from tackling his innermost feelings, the latest video from BAD CHILD is a cinematic venture into coming-of-age struggles. Canadian songwriter BAD CHILD continues to deliver his hard-hitting music in the form of eponymous single BAD CHILD. Brimming with unspoken emotion, the thumping beats