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Grayscale - GIG GOER 2019

On Tour with GRAYSCALE

Ever wondered what Grayscale get up to on tour? Well, wonder no more – we sent them off with a couple of disposable cameras to capture some memorable moments on their recent UK tour. Take a look at our exclusive photos below.

San Cisco 2019

Band Of The Week // SAN CISCO

Wistful and enchantment-inducing, there’s a lot to be felt with the newest San Cisco single. Australia’s San Cisco turn up the notch on feelings of nostalgia and bittersweetness with their newest single Skin, the first single to be taken off their upcoming album slated for

Jutes_Press 2019

JUTES Shares Emotional New Single ‘Sideshow’

Spilling his emotions amongst a backdrop of hip hop beats and rock-tinged melodies, Jutes gets honest in his newest single Sideshow. Los Angeles-based Jutes ignores the confines of genre with his newest single Sideshow. Featuring elements of hip-hop in the suave beats and rock in

Be No Rain 2019

BE NO RAIN Makes Debut with ‘Deadweight’

Charming and nostalgic, Be No Rain is the newest name to keep an eye on. Newcomer Be No Rain makes a memorable debut with his yearning first single Deadweight. Although the track is new and exciting to our ears, it has actually been re-worked and

Zack Villere 2019

ZACK VILLERE Unveils Video for ‘Sore Throat’

The newest video and track from Zack Villere is a whimsical cut that will induce you into a sweet trance. Hailing from Covington, Louisiana, Zack Villere will draw you in with his blissful new video for Sore Throat. Pining and ardent, it’s a whimsical cut

ROAM - GIG GOER Interview 2019

Interview // ROAM

“Angry grunge pop for people who need a kick up the arse”, the newest album from ROAM, Smile Wide, finds the band with a renewed sense of confidence. Is there any feeling more empowering than listening to music that’s all about taking back control? Nothing