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Interview // DMA’S

The live format of DMA’S is sounding better than it ever sounded – Aussie sensation takes the world by storm. Brighton’s The Great Escape festival brings out the best in new music. This is why it gathers a lot of newcomers. What’s more, not only you can spot many

Interview // ISLAND

Now we know what we’re going for – ISLAND on gradual progression of the band, tour life and what is yet to come. The Great Escape adventure continues. Remember when I said that from my perspective the festival consisted mostly of the running part? Well, I think by this

Interview // VITAMIN

It is all about little victories that you have the whole time – the band VITAMIN look back at the past and hope for the future. A few hours before VITAMIN‘s set, in the hustle and bustle of The Great Escape, I was lucky enough to catch

Interview // CASH+DAVID

CASH+DAVID reflect on dualism, similarities and opposites, the past and the future. Cash+David, producer Tim Ross and singer-songwriter Liz Lawrence, are embodiment of vital and multi-layered electro-pop. The representation of ethereal sounds spreading emotional message, filled with sleek and gentle vocals which easily blend into energetic percussion and sublime

Interview // BEACH BABY

Life is a rollercoaster right now – BEACH BABY end their headline tour with a statement. Beach Baby are many things. A summery mix of catchy and vigorous guitars, dynamic drums and immense bass lines, with a firm charisma and idiosyncratic vocals easily embracing the notes.

Interview // GET INUIT

We can’t wait for people to hear it – GET INUIT reflect on their new material. I caught up with 2/4 of the band Get Inuit after their show at The Dome Tufnell Park in London to talk about touring with VANT, their time in the studio and

Interview // HEATH

I catch HEATH to talk about life on tour, their forthcoming EP and their love for Rae Morris on the London night of their tour with Mike Dignam. After a marvellous gig and some hasty packing of equipment I finally get all the HEATH boys together.

Interview // ALXNDR

From the darkness of the van to the cosiness of the dressing room at The Garage in London I chat to ALXNDR about recent changes, working in the studio and dating preferences. Here we meet again. It hasn’t been long since I spoke to Newcastle trio and yet they’ve

Interview // THE AMAZONS

THE AMAZONS on working in the studio, their latest music video and kissing David Beckham. I caught up with The Amazons just before their smashing set at Flying Vinyl Fest a while back. Obviously, I’d done some research, I’d heard a thing or two, I’d made some assumptions. Not quite what I expected. In a

Interview // HIGH TYDE

HIGH TYDE on new EP, change, having a crush on Paolo Nutini and suffering from shorts phobia.  Yep, this one is going to be very interesting! I caught up with Brighton four-piece before their show at Dingwalls Camden in London last week. I remember getting