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Interview // FOX CHAPEL

It feels like we’re stuck there, and the thing about being stuck in one place for a while is that you just get bored – newcomers FOX CHAPEL reflect on life as a band from Northampton and everything that involves. Fox Chapel are ready for their

Interview // BILLY BIBBY & The Wry Smiles

Sometimes you have to go and find your own way – BILLY BIBBY on past experiences that led to forming his new band THE WRY SMILES. A while ago I caught up with Billy Bibby, former lead guitarist of Catfish and the Bottlemen, to talk about changes, musical

Interview // HEYROCCO

No one is ready for our music – HEYROCCO discuss their new EP, reflect on their tour experiences and tell us where it all really started.  “The winter is coming” – I think as I am being introduced to the South Carolina’s trio, Heyrocco. The lead singer of

Interview // EVERYWHERE

The band EVERYWHERE on places, people and music that keeps them coming back to London. A while back, when days were longer and summer was still around, I caught up with 2/5 of the band Everywhere, Max Berga (vocals) and Joe Bates (keys), to discuss their recent

Interview // TEMPESST

I think it takes a little bit of time to find our identity – the London newcomers TEMPESST discuss touring, their recent single, police trouble and plans for the future. I’m meeting up with a sweaty lead singer, Toma Banjanin, at the backstage of the glittering Moth Club.

Interview // MILESTONES

MILESTONES discuss their debut EP Equal Measures.  The true measure of a man is not what he dreams, but what he aspires to be – Mike Norton I caught up with the band Milestones a while back, just after their show at The Borderline in

Interview // Press To MECO

PRESS TO MECO reflect on their past and discuss their debut album as well as future plans. On a very busy day, in the hustle and bustle of Camden Rocks Festival, I caught up with the three-piece – Press To MECO. Alright, with the 2/3 of the band to

Interview // BLACK FOXXES

It is all about music at the end of the day – BLACK FOXXES reflect on their past experiences and discuss their upcoming debut album. A while back, at Camden Rocks Festival, I caught up with Exeter’s trio, Black Foxxes to talk about their highly anticipated

Interview // ASYLUMS

Music should be fun – that’s still the main aim – ASYLUMS discuss the evolution of the band, the music industry and their upcoming debut album. The band who do things the only way they know. Their own way. The big way. Camden Rocks Festival was a great

Interview // WATERPARKS

WATERPARKS discuss their first London headline show, dreams coming true and their highly anticipated debut album. If you have no idea who Waterparks are, then your life is about to change dramatically. As for me, one of those bands who makes me want to dye my hair. Again.