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DOPE LEMON Returns with New EP ‘Hounds Tooth’

DOPE LEMON, the side project of Angus Stone, one part of Angus & Julia Stone, has released new EP, Hounds Tooth. After the release of Honey Bones just last year, Uptown Folks being on repeat for the better part of the year, Dope Lemon calling from down under is back

AMBER RUN Release New Album ‘For A Moment, I Was Lost’

The band returns with their sophomore full-length. If you haven’t heard of Amber Run, now is the time to start paying attention. This four piece from Nottingham, UK composed of Joe Keogh, Will Jones, Tom Sperring and Henry Wyeth, have just released their second album

COMMUNIONS Emerge out of the ‘Blue’

The Danish band is finally out with their anticipated debut after years of lingering. The Copenhagen boys first surfaced with their lo-fi EP, Cobblestones, released in 2014 on Posh Isolation, and have since then had a significant growth as a band before finally releasing their

FRANK CARTER’s New Album Lands Far from Ruin

Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes release their sophomore full-length, Modern Ruin. Well known for their raucous behaviour and thrilling live shows Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes return with a new record that is purely in-your-face punk rock, filled with a brutal honesty which goes right down your spine

New Album Review // BEACH BABY “No Mind No Money”

BEACH BABY release debut album No Mind No Money. Words: Aurora Henni Krogh We’ve barely left August, still I already miss the sunny days of summer. Luckily, Beach Baby are finally set to release their highly anticipated debut album, No Mind No Money, and surely it is a record

New Album Review // BIFFY CLYRO release “Ellipsis”

BIFFY CLYRO release the seventh studio album Ellipsis. The Scottish trio has quite possibly made the rock album of the years. With brutal honesty Biffy Clyro release a marvellously colourful album and prove that they still know how to surprise, even after 20 years. Starting

ALEXIS KINGS New EP Review // “Squire”

ALEXIS KINGS release new EP Squire. If you’re still lookong for that summery soundtrack, then you just have found one. New Squire EP sees Alexis Kings shift imperceptibly towards more melodic sounds and higher-energy guitar hooks. A differing selection of upbeat rhythms and slower tempos with each