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SUMMER 97 Drop Massive New Single ‘The Weight’

Experience pop punk at its finest with Summer 97’s blistering new single, The Weight.

Summer 97

Comprising of frontman Jerry Jacobs, guitarist Bronze James, drummer Chuck Miracle, and bassist Zan Frett, Summer 97 are “four 90’s kids” who draw inspiration from rock, pop, and alternative to create an infectious sonic blend that brims with searing energy and untamed passion. Refreshingly genuine and achingly relatable, their latest offering The Weight is built around sky-chasing melodies, irresistible grooves and fiery instrumentals that coalesce into an arena-worthy sound. Reflecting on the events of 2020, Summer 97 fearlessly channel their frustration into their music, delivering a sizzling slice of pop punk greatness that is The Weight.

Speaking on the new single, the band shares:

2020 was a rough one, that’s for sure. Fortunately there were a few silver linings – one of them being our new single ‘The Weight’ which was written during the worst of quarantine. We were REALLY feeling the weight and chaos of an unpredictable and unprecedented year, and this song was born out of that experience. If you’ve seen our live show, you know that we are all about energy. We decided to channel that energy into an introspective, frustrated, but positive outlook on an otherwise negative situation.