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ABOYNAMEDBLU Shares New Single ‘building a boat’

Wrapped up in swooning melancholia, building a boat is the latest slow-burner from aboynamedblu.


Grappling with the loss of a loved one, London-based artist aboynamedblu crafts an atmospheric piece of music that bleeds with pure emotion. Lifted from his ALONE ON MOST DAYS EP, building a boat is a heart-wrenching slice of indie-pop, showcasing dainty, wistful vocals on a bed of gentle guitars and hazy electronics. With the sharp pang of heartache, the track pairs indie stylings with dark-pop leaning production, offering an inescapable notion, a reminder of the emotional fragility growing in the darkness.

Speaking on the new single, aboynamedblu shares:

The song is about the death of my manager. It’s the longing to build a boat and escape the bereavement of losing someone I loved.