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MYOON Unveil New Single ‘Story’

Story is the electro-indie delight from French alternative duo Myoon.

Myoon 2021

Myoon are two brothers who pair electro aesthetics with pop subtleties to create their own alternative concoction of sounds and textures. Their latest offering, Story is an adventurous, M83-esque cut, soaring high with fluttering synths and swelling melodies that envelop around you softly. The airy vocals feel like summer sunlight, gently gliding over the shimmering backdrop that brims with electro-pop brilliance. Fascinating in all its myriad complexities, the track tales a story of the collapse of a love in a way that you won’t be able to resist.

Speaking on the new single, Myoon share:

‘Story’ is the music of a liberation, the end of a toxic love.