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NAAH Stuns With New Single ‘Goodbye My Darling’

Finding strength in music, Naah releases the cathartic Goodbye My Darling.


Photo: Felix Moström

Dealing with the loss of a dear friend and family member, and the writer’s block that followed, Swedish indie-pop songwriter and producer Naah returns with a stunning cut of pop music, Goodbye My Darling. Underscored with real heart, the track is blissful alt-pop at its finest. Naah’s velvety vocals gracefully float atop the backdrop of fluttering electronics and gentle percussive beats, creating a shimmering sonic daze. Heartrending yet mellow and therapeutic, Goodbye My Darling offers a much-needed closure, a farewell that is also a start of something new.

Speaking on the new single, Naah shares:

I wrote the song referring to my feelings towards writing music at the time. It might sound weird, but it was a way to find back to writing and it worked.

Last year was really hard for me. Losing someone so close and near in age makes you question everything and I needed time to mourn. It’s recently I’ve started to find the writing-spirit again, which has helped me to feel better. Now I’m really excited to release more music and hopefully be able to play gigs again soon.