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Emotionally vulnerable and cathartic, Honeycomb is the latest pop stunner from Hayden Everett and Adam Carpenter.

Hayden Everett

San Diego-based newcomer Hayden Everett continues to charm listeners with his introspective songwriting as he shares beautiful new track, Honeycomb.

Joining forces with Adam Carpenter, Hayden Everett embraces the fragility of the human existence in the most wonderful way. Stripping down for an acoustic guitar, Honeycomb finds Everett dealing with the overwhelming feeling of grief brewing in the darkness as he opens up about the loss of a loved one. Mellow vocals brush against the forlorn guitar, creating a heart-tugging cut of balladry that, despite the sharp pang of heartache, offers much-needed comfort and a healing experience.

Speaking on the new single, Hayden Everett shares:

‘Honeycomb’ deals with the temptation to suppress grief. The act of writing this song was actually the healing process I was avoiding. “Honeycomb” and “Morning Birds” are the names of poems written by someone I lost. Their words give me a window to still see and learn about them even after they’re gone. I’ve come to realize that “moving on” means learning to live with the sadness. This haunted house has become a home.

My buddy Adam Carpenter showed me the early stages of this song that he had written, and I was very moved by it. I immediately knew it had to be included on my record. Adam and I have very much been immersed in each other’s internal processing, and it just felt right to finish this song together. Honeycomb is the result.