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JAIS Debuts With ‘Red Car’

A newbie on the scene, youngster jais releases her first EP, beginning with the soft Red Car.


North Carolina-based, seventeen-year-old jais is a senior in high school, and has just written, produced, and released her debut EP, Ivy. Created as a way to both stand out as a woman of colour in a male-dominated industry, and to share her uncertainties about growing up in today’s society, the EP is a compilation of five tracks that each narrate a theme relatable to listeners to some extent.

It is only the opening track, Red Car, we’re here to make a comment on, though. A concoction of all the vibes provided in music from the likes of EDEN, Clairo, The 1975, and Lauv, the track is ethereal and presents so much emotion. Sounds personal to jais’ life and experiences are included in and amongst the instruments to make the single all the more emotive, and connect with listeners perhaps at the same stage in their lives.

On the track, jais states:

‘Red Car’ encompasses the feelings of growing up, nostalgia, and fear of moving away from home. The “red car” the song refers to is an old red convertible MG that my parents bought. Driving around at sunset made all of our worries disappear, making the car a safe place for me. I think that Red Car is a song everyone can relate to in one way or another.