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COMPASS & CAVERN Share New Single ‘Puppies (Smile Back)’

PUP-inspired alt-rock, Puppies (Smile Back) is the latest single from Compass & Cavern.

Compass & Cavern

Best friends Will Timbers and Chris Fruci have been performing together for the last ten years, but since 2017 have come together to create and share under the alias of Compass & Cavern. The pair use music to share their deepest thoughts and feelings, and just make people feel safe with their sound. Compass & Cavern started 2021 by putting out a set of covers but have just released the brand-new Puppies (Smile Back).

The single, supposedly inspired by fellow alt-rock/punk band, PUP, is an upbeat, guitar-heavy commentary on being tired out by socialising – something listeners will, without a doubt, be able to resonate with. Made up of pulsating guitar melodies and hard-hitting drum beats, Puppies (Smile Back) makes you feel a little less alone, but it’s done in classic pop punk style.

The band commented on the track:

This song is inspired by the Toronto punk band, PUP. The subject matter is about feeling exhausted and trapped in a social situation that everyone else loves. Clearly this was written before COVID.