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New Album Review // YAK Bring “Alas Salvation” to Life

YAK make a daring statement revealing debut album Alas Salvation. The London rockers, known for the ferocious nature of their live sets, and newly favoured by The Last Shadow Puppets – are on a roll, and it’s a big one. Their energetic debut album, Alas Salvation, leaves

ALXNDR release the debut “RWND” EP

Not long since I caught up with the band ALXNDR while they were touring across the UK. When stopping at the Barfly in Camden we had a nice chat about the nostalgic era of the 90s, the music plans, the future aspirations and even about the food. Despite

SWIM DEEP and their “Mothers”

There’s plenty of fish in the sea. That’s what they say, don’t they? Only, not in this particular one. Just five Birmingham-born lads. Discovering a new band is one of my favourite moments. And when that band becomes sort of a favourite is even more

Gengahr drop the new banger EP “Tired Eyes”

Surprise, surprise. It’s all about Gengahr again. You should be aware by now that I am massively obsessed with this group. They are beautiful human beings making extraordinary and magnificent music. My admiration for their talent is endless and I will never fall out of this love.

The Spirit of Bring Me The Horizon

Let’s talk about spirits. No, I don’t mean the alcoholic ones (no, not just yet). Perhaps later. But now, let’s talk about real spirits. What is yours like then? How does it feel? What is it doing right now? Because mine is cheering loudly at this very