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Deftones Ohms artwork 2020

Album Review // DEFTONES ‘Ohms’

Coming as Deftones’ latest masterpiece, Ohms proves once again that the band’s unique trademark sound is unparalleled and immortal. Few bands and artists can pride themselves in a unique, instantly recognizable sound and even less can claim their original musical recipe survived the test of

Fit For A King The Path 2020

Album Review // FIT FOR A KING ‘The Path’

Returning with metalcore at its fines, Fit For A King’s new album The Path is going to be everything you expected and hoped for. If there’s anything we can all agree on, it’s that Fit For A King have mastered metalcore. Period. The Path comes

Movements_NoGoodLeftToGive 2020

Album Review // MOVEMENTS ‘No Good Left To Give’

Whirling through a torrent of deeply intimate experiences, No Good Left To Give sees Movements stripped down to their bare bones as a band. Californian quartet Movements find their feet in their heartbreakingly honest, thought-provoking and musing sophomore album No Good Left To Give. Delving

Knuckle Puck 20 20

Album Review // KNUCKLE PUCK ’20/20′

Serving us hard-hitting optimism in pessimistic times, the Chicagoans have released the perfect addition to their discography with their third studio album 20/20. The midst of a pandemic may not be the best time to release an album, having no opportunity to promote it through

PVRIS Use Me 2020

Album Review // PVRIS ‘Use Me’

If this album proves one thing, it is that PVRIS have mastered the electro-pop / synth-pop sound and are unparalleled in creating a dark yet dreamy mood and a sad yet tranquil sound you can lose yourself into. One of this year’s most awaited album,

Album Review // GIANT ROOKS ‘Rookery’

With a hint of lyrical surrealism and bittersweet melancholia, Germany’s hottest export Giant Rooks make a statement with their debut album, Rookery, serving us a delightful, genre-free sonic cocktail. A project that’s spent years in the making, Rookery is the debut album from Berlin-based art-pop rockers,

Bloxx Lie Out Loud 2020

Album Review // BLOXX ‘Lie Out Loud’

Filled with pop-rock anthems, roaring guitars and brutally honest lyrics, Lie Out Loud is an indie masterpiece that showcases love and passion in the truest form. Unapologetically chaotic in every way, Lie Out Loud is filled with indie guitar anthems that beg to be played

Point North Brand New Vision 2020

Album Review // POINT NORTH ‘Brand New Vision’

Packed with huge soundscapes and brazen honesty, Point North venture into an alternate reality on their conceptual debut album, Brand New Vision. Dark and destructive at first glance, the world painted in Brand New Vision is threaded with hope and optimism. Escaping mundanity and the

State Champs Unplugged 2020

EP Review // STATE CHAMPS ‘Unplugged’

Ten years on and State Champs are proving that they are more refined and adept than ever with the release of their heartfelt and captivating EP, Unplugged. Consisting of four original and two reimagined tracks, State Champs’ Unplugged is a delightful EP that puts the