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Album Review // HIPPO CAMPUS ‘Bambi’

Reflecting on the chaos of current times, Hippo Campus set out on the path of sonic explorations and experimentation on their sophomore record, Bambi. Delving into the themes of mental health and anxieties that we all struggle with in the modern world, Hippo Campus shape a

ATC Past Lives

Album Review // AGAINST THE CURRENT ‘Past Lives’

Against The Current delve into an electronic soundscape on their sophomore album, evolving their sound whilst remaining distinctly themselves. Against The Current are back with their sophomore album, Past Lives, and it’s an introspective look into the thoughts and feelings of the band. Moving towards a poppier

Album Review // PALAYE ROYALE ‘Boom Boom Room (Side B)’

Palaye Royale are back to delight with their sophomore album in all their signature glitz and glamour. Palaye Royale have been making waves since they started, and this is sure to continue as they release their memorable sophomore album, the highly anticipated Boom Boom Room (Side B).

Album Review // THE STORY SO FAR ‘Proper Dose’

Highly ambitious and creatively recharged, The Story So Far return with their best work to date. This might be it. The album of the year. Pushing their boundaries and exploring new sonic terrain, West Coast rock band introduce their new musical vision on their fourth studio


Album Review // THRICE ‘Palms’

The tenth album from Thrice further cements what we already knew – that Thrice are one of the best bands of their generation.  Thrice release their tenth album Palms, an album that tackles themes prevalent in today’s society and brings the band to a new light.

Juiceboxxx EP 2018

EP Review // JUICEBOXXX ‘Never Surrender Forever’

Five profound tracks that will keep you on your toes. Titled Never Surrender Forever, Juiceboxxx‘s new EP harbours a handsome amount of energy and attitude. What to expect you asked? Well, that’s the thing. His genreless sound always keeps you guessing. This collection of tracks is the

Album Review // PALE WAVES ‘My Mind Makes Noises’

The Manchester four-piece’s blend of dark atmospherics and refreshing pop is utterly beguiling. Over the past year, Pale Waves have set themselves up as prime makers of heartbreak pop. Finally now unleashing their awaited debut album My Mind Makes Noises, we see these goth-poppers properly

EP Review // FIZZY BLOOD ‘Pink Magic’

Oozing with charisma, there’s definitely some magic happening on Fizzy Blood’s third EP, suitably titled Pink Magic. Leeds quintet Fizzy Blood have certainly been making some waves in the UK DIY scene, and with their third EP Pink Magic, it is sure to propel them to further heights.

Counterparts Private Room EP

EP Review // COUNTERPARTS ‘Private Room’

The three track EP is dedicated to the fans who have supported the band no matter their antics. Canadian metal/hardcore band Counterparts acknowledge and thank their listeners in their newest EP Private Room. Although only three tracks long, the music makes up for the brevity as profound lyricism