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The Used Heartwork 2020

Album Review // THE USED ‘Heartwork’

Turn your speakers up as The Used’s 8th studio album Heartwork is going to teach you a state-of-the-art mixology masterclass of sounds and genres. Just trust me and turn the volume up for this one! To my (pleasant) surprise, there is a big difference between

Picturesque Do You Feel OK 2020

Album Review // PICTURESQUE ‘Do You Feel O.K?’

“Nothing we write is formed in the traditional way”, says vocalist Kyle Hollis from Picturesque, and this refusal to be boxed in is certainly one of the main excitements of the band’s newest album Do You Feel O.K? Do You Feel O.K? certainly feels like

SaxKixAve I Don't Wear Suits

Album Review // SAXKIXAVE ‘I Don’t Wear Suits’

The newly born duo, SaxKixAve has dropped their debut album, I Don’t Wear Suits. Including New Orleans Rapper, Alfred Banks and Grammy-nominated saxophonist/producer, Albert Allenback, SaxKixAve bring forth their humorous and high-energy musicianship. This is shown within the first track, Intro, as Alfred factually states,

The Strokes The New Abnormal 2020

Album Review // THE STROKES ‘The New Abnormal’

Lyrically profound and sonically remarkably experimental, indie pioneers The Strokes deservingly win everyone’s attention with their long-awaited sixth album, The New Abnormal. It could take hours and hours of writing and explaining why The Strokes are an era defining band that will forever be hard

All Time Low Wake Up Sunshine 2020

Album Review // ALL TIME LOW ‘Wake Up, Sunshine’

Wake Up, Sunshine is fifteen lively and spirited tracks that prove All Time Low are still kicking it as a main player in the pop-punk scene. Back in January when All Time Low began teasing their newest record, Wake Up, Sunshine, with the release of Some Kind

Purity Ring Womb 2020

Album Review // PURITY RING ‘WOMB’

Purity Ring return from a dark hiatus to share a collection of familiar, retro-futuristic sounds and bring forth the seeking of comfort in a world that is already out of our control through their evocative and provocative metaphors. The eerie duo Purity Ring, made up

August Burns Red Guardians 2020

Album Review // AUGUST BURNS RED ‘Guardians’

August Burns Red remind us what metalcore is all about through a new set of blasting bangers. Over the years, August Burns Red constantly and undoubtedly delivered what metalcore fans were wishing for and thus remained a staple band of the genre. Integrating their signature