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Monthly Archives: November 2020

Mike Taveira

MIKE TAVEIRA Shares Catchy New Single ‘Karma’

Any attempts to resist the captivating hooks of Karma will be futile, so just allow yourself to fully enjoy and jam along to Mike Taveira’s newest single. Los Angeles-based Mike Taveira is far from the only one who has suffered from a soured relationship and

Monticolombi 2020

MONTICOLOMBI Unveils Groovy New Cut ‘Pavement’

With lush textures and hints of jazziness, Pavement is a slice of delight that we didn’t realise was missing from our lives until we heard it. Paying homage to his Italian roots with his musical alias Monticolombi, Jamie Hicks is the mastermind behind this musical

Blanks 2020

BLANKS Releases Infectious New Single ‘oh no’

Chasing dreams can be hard, but they’re made that little bit easier when they’re soundtracked by Blanks’ newest song oh no. Remember that blissful euphoria you felt when ~that~ song came on the radio over the summer with your friends? The sheer joy you felt