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Keir 2020

KEIR Unveils New Video for ‘Say Love’

Transforming inner turmoil into a tune, Keir both breaks and warms hearts with the new track Say Love. Bristol-based singer-songwriter Keir began his musical adventure back in 2016 but, filled with releases, 2020 has been his most productive year yet. The most recent is the

Lxandra 2020

LXANDRA Shares New Single ‘Who’

Grab yourselves some tissues and get ready to be moved by the slow, stunning Lxandra track, Who. Vulnerability, exposure to reality, self confidence (and the lack of). Each of these themes are apparent in Berlin-based Lxandra’s most recent self-love ballad, Who, which breaks down perceptions of

Boniface 2020

BONIFACE Shares New Single ‘Happy Birthday’

Boniface regales us with celebrations in isolation through improvised visuals and catchy vocals in newest single Happy Birthday. Canada’s Micah Visser, who goes under the alias of Boniface, has been creating for three years but it’s only in the last 18 months that they have