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Monthly Archives: May 2020


NCT 127 Release New Single ‘Punch’

NCT 127 flaunt their will to fight their way to the top in their new tune with a befitting title: Punch. Preceded by a retro game inspired intro and lightning engulfed visuals, NCT 127 return in fighting formation and armoured with leather jackets and chains,

BabyJake MadHappySad 2020

BABYJAKE Debuts New Single ‘MadHappySad’

Genre-bending BabyJake blends catchy radio pop with sassy hip hop on his newest single MadHappySad, off his hotly anticipated EP. What opens as a vibrant pop song with a frustrating storyline about a seemingly one-sided relationship, MadHappySad pivots into a spirited rap of self-discovery. BabyJake

Moyka 2020

MOYKA Reveals New Single ‘Violet’

Moyka cherishes the happy memories of a past love in her electric pop-infused single Violet, off her upcoming sophomore EP Spaces. The ‘Norwegian Pop Witch’, as the gifted 23-year-old piquantly describes herself, seems to be on an unstoppable steady road in the synth pop scene

Cian Ducrot 2020

CIAN DUCROT Shares New Single ‘Anyone But Her’

Cian Ducrot soulfully narrates a fan’s personal pained story in his latest sorrowful single anyone but her. After a successful last month that found him reaching one million streams with his recent single Fucked Up All The Time, the Irish multi-instrumentalist Cian Ducrot claimed a

Starwolf 2020

STARWOLF Release Steamy Single ‘Real Love’

With funky synths and a strong, rhythmic bassline, Starwolf’s newest release, Real Love, is as sensual as it is groovy.  Channelling their inner Marvin Gaye, Real Love is the second single off Starwolf’s forthcoming EP due out this year. The steamy love song is in