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Monthly Archives: July 2020

Craig Irving 2020

CRAIG IRVING Drops New Single ‘Let Go’

Returning to his vibrant, all-encompassing, bedroom-pop sound with his newest single Let Go, Craig Irving proves again that he’s a uniquely charming force to be reckoned with. Not only is Let Go immensely catchy and full of life, but Craig Irving’s stand-out vocals shine once again on

props 2020

PROPS Releases Fearless New Single ‘Easy’

Exciting artist props has released his new politically-charged single Easy. South London artist props (the brainchild of mark gilyead) has released a new track titled Easy. The song could be perceived as politically-charged as it’s centred around the economy and how people are competing with

Creeper 2020

CREEPER Unveil New Single ‘Poisoned Heart’

Sharing a last hint of what is to come before the grand reveal of their forthcoming sophomore album, Creeper deviate from expectations yet again with Poisoned Heart. Creeper have always had a flair for the dramatic, and their latest single Poisoned Heart sees them continuing

Bottled Up 2020

BOTTLED UP Release New Track ‘Kilo’

Bottled Up have shared their roaring new anthem Kilo. As part of promotion for their new album titled Crystal that will be released in October, Bottled Up have given fans a taste of what’s to come with new song Kilo. It’s centred around how we

Fake Shark 2020

FAKE SHARK Release Video for ‘L-ectric Touch’

Fake Shark’s L-ectric Touch marries pop’s most contagious elements from various eras. Canadian indie-pop outfit, Fake Shark, may have released the most groove-stricken song of the summer with L-ectric Touch, which is housed on their 2020 album House Of Mirrors. A stand out track when

Juni Poet 2020

JUNI POET Shares New Single ‘Whisper’

Whisper is an honest, heartbreaking and sublime cut from Sweden’s singer/songwriter Juni Poet. An amalgamation of untold stories that Juni Poet has collected in his own life, Whisper touches upon how hiding parts of your identity can be soul-destroying but the fear of not being